Biohazard Photo Gallery

Biohazard Cleanup: Septic Backups, Sewage and Toilet Overflows in New Fairfield, CT

Our crew is trained to clean up biohazardous waste such as oil spills, body fluids, sewage backups, toilet overflows and toxic chemicals. In this photo, crew chief Davi is in protective gear cleaning up black water flooding. If your toilet overflows or you have a septic system back up, the water may contain bacteria and pathogens that are harmful to your health. Don't take a chance trying to clean it up yourself. Black water damage is usually covered by homeowner's insurance and we will work with your provider. 

We take it all away, too!

Part of our job that often goes unnoticed is the removal of all of the damaged material from a home. This house in New Fairfield, CT had water damage from an overflowing system. After removing sheetrock and carpeting, our crew had a full van when they left!

Protecting ourselves

The safety of our crew is a priority for us. In some cases of biohazard or mold clean ups, it is necessary to gear up for protection - including respirators and boots.

Sewage flood Newtown, CT basement

A family had just moved into this Newtown home when there was a sewage overflow in the basement. Many of their belongings were stacked in the basement. Luckily, much of it was in plastic tubs and salvageable.