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man and woman standing at a table

Attending a Local Trade Show

We love getting out in our community! John and Roseann recently attended the CASBO Trade Show at Aqua Turf.

man using a tool to remove the stone from a fireplace

Restoring a Home After Storm Damage in Fairfield County

When tornado force winds caused a tree to fall on this home, the fireplace was damaged beyond repair. Our Building Services crew removed the old stone and rebuilt the fireplace. 

Mold Remediation in New Fairfield, CT Attic

Attics tend to be a breeding ground for mold because of leaking roofs, improper ventilation, ice dams and the wrong kind of insulation used. 

Water Damage Restoration in Newtown, CT Basement

Connecticut is known for it's beautiful old homes. Most of these come with old basements - we've worked in basements with stone floors and walls, old tree trunks as beams, and 5' ceilings. 

man in Servpro shirt cleaning a carpet

Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We offer carpet cleaning services for commercial and residential properties. When's the best time to get your carpets cleaned? In Connecticut, April and May are ideal- after the snow is gone and the ground has dried up a bit!

We provide generators on water damage restoration jobs during power outages in Brookfield, CT

With much of Brookfield without power after the devastating storms and winds this past week, much of the town was out of power. SERVPRO has industrial strength generators that we use on water damage restoration jobs when the power is out. 

When pipes freeze and burst in Bethel, CT homes, major water damage can occur

It only takes a small crack after frozen pipes burst to cause significant flooding and water damage to New Fairfield homes and businesses. The damage to this home after the radiator pipe burst extended to several of the rooms below this bedroom, including the living room and bathroom. One of our fantastic local plumbers repaired the pipe and the SERVPRO of Newtown & Southern Litchfield County crew took care of the clean up and restoration. 

After water damage to your New Fairfield home, we arrange all of the details.

If your home or business requires demolition after water, mold, biohazard or fire damage, the SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County office staff arranges for dumpsters to be delivered and hauled away. Our customers have enough on their minds and it's one less thing they have to worry about.  We take care of the details when restoring your Newtown home of water damage so that you don't have to.

The tools we use: Thermal Imaging to detect hidden water damage in Newtown, CT homes

Sometimes, it's difficult to detect how much water is behind the walls of a Bethel, CT home by eye. Using thermal imaging technology, our team is able to detect moisture behind walls, ceilings and floors, which reduces the need for exploratory demolition in Brookfield area homes. If an ice dam or toilet overflow has occurred, the SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County team can see what is behind the walls and create a water damage restoration plan accordingly.

Water restoration at Ridgefield, CT school after burst pipe

After Fairfield County experienced negative temperatures and a snowstorm, this Ridgefield, CT school experienced frozen pipes that burst. There was water damage in three classrooms as well as the hallways. The SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County team extracted the water, removed the affected ceiling tiles and used 22 fans to dry out the carpeting and make the school ready for the kids to return. 

The wrong way to clean soot of the wall after a house fire in Newtown, CT

After a house fire, you may try to remove the soot off of the walls using rags and a liquid based cleaner, or soap and water. This will just smear the black sticky soot around and fail to remove it. The SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County team uses dry technology to clean black soot off of walls after a house has experienced fire damage. 

Water damage from frozen pipes that burst in Sandy Hook,CT

The culprit for the majority of the water damage calls to SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County in the winter? Pipes that have frozen and burst, causing water damage to homes and businesses. It's amazing the damage that a little crack in a baseboard heating pipe can do. Our IICRC trained crew has water extractors, heaters and even generators if needed in the case of a power outage. SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County professionally restores and cleans up Newtown area homes that have been damaged by water from a pipe burst. 

Containment barrier used during water damage restoration in Woodbury, CT

SERVPRO of Newtown & Southern Litchfield County often uses containment barriers when restoring homes after water damage. When we block off an area of a home using professional plastic barriers, we are able to reduce the drying time of that space. In this case, a home had water damage from a refrigerator line leak. We were able to use less equipment and dry out this Woodbury home out faster, saving time and money.

The tools we use: Moisture Detector to determine water present in walls and flooring

To assist them in determining how much moisture is in a wall after a water damage in the Newtown, CT area, our team uses moisture readers. This enables the SERVPRO crew to use an accurate measurement in determining what stage of water damage restoration the clean up job is at. There is no guesswork involved in our jobs- we use professional tools and training when removing water  and it's damage from your Bethel home.

Condo fire causes widespread smoke and soot damage in Danbury, CT

When you live in a condo or apartment complex, you are particularly vulnerable if a fire occurs.

Several condos were affected when a kitchen fire occurred in this complex. The condo where the fire originated required extensive demolition of the walls and ceilings, as well as the flooring. The adjoining condos were also affected by the smoke, which had spread throughout the building. The SERVPRO of Newtown and Litchfield County crew created a fire restoration plan and cleaned the structure and walls of soot. We filtered the air and used the odor removal system to remove the smoke smell from the building. 

Biohazard Cleanup: Septic Backups, Sewage and Toilet Overflows in New Fairfield, CT

Our crew is trained to clean up biohazardous waste such as oil spills, body fluids, sewage backups, toilet overflows and toxic chemicals. In this photo, crew chief Davi is in protective gear cleaning up black water flooding. If your toilet overflows or you have a septic system back up, the water may contain bacteria and pathogens that are harmful to your health. Don't take a chance trying to clean it up yourself. Black water damage is usually covered by homeowner's insurance and we will work with your provider. 

Familiar faces

Most of our customers know these guys -Davi and Von have both worked for us for over ten years.

Every morning begins like this

Every morning, our Crew Chief Davi arrives and gets his van ready for the days work. He's a diligent technician who has been with our franchise for 14 years.

Water damage from refrigerator line leak causes basement flooding in Danbury, CT

Basements in Connecticut are vulnerable to water damage and flooding. In this Danbury, CT home, a refrigerator line leaked, causing damage to the first floor as well as the basement below. Luckily, the basement was not over filled with personal items, which is often the case. The SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County team used water extraction to remove most of the standing water on the floor, tarped off the ceiling and used fans and dehumidifiers to remove the remaining moisture from the home. 

Emergency response roof board up after house fire in Bethel, CT

When a kitchen fire caused damage to the roof of this Bethel, CT home, the last thing that the homeowners needed to deal with was water damage as well from the incoming rain storm. At SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County, we have crew members on call during the after hours.  Our guys came out in the dark to board up the roof and reduce the risk of further damage to the home. We started the fire restoration process the following day. 

Water damage from a pipe burst at local library

When a pipe burst at this local library, the SERVPRO of Newtown & Southern Litchfield County team was called to dry things out. We were able to mitigate the water damage without significantly disrupting the flow of activity in the library. A quick response was required to ensure that the books were not affected. It is always our goal when responding to commercial water damage in the Newtown area that the business is affected as little as possible. 

Boarding up windows after tree damage in Fairfield County

When a house is damaged during a storm, it is important that no additional water enter the home. When our Brookfield based office staff first take your call, they will ask you some questions to determine whether tarps or plywood will be required. The first step we take when we arrive at Newtown area homes is to board up windows and roofs that have damage from tree limbs or high windows so that water damage restoration can begin. 

We remove damaged materials from New Milford area homes

A big part of our job is removing the water, smoke and mold damaged materials from homes. Our office orders a dumpster to be delivered to the home and fills it up with materials such as insulation, sheetrock, flooring and carpeting. We also remove household belongings that are not salvageable after going through them carefully with the homeowner and the insurance adjuster. 

SERVPRO of Newtown & Southern Litchfield County remediates attic mold in New Milford, CT

Sometimes we work in small spaces! The attic mold job at this New Milford, CT home was one such time! Before working on the mold remediation, our estimator recommended that a leak that had caused the moisture be repaired. After the repair, our team was ready to begin cleaning up the mold. We used air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the New Milford attic out. We then filtered the air and used antimicrobial and antifungal treatments to reduce the mold count to safe levels. 

Residue from cigarette smoke removed from Brookfield home

Our crew was called to clean this Brookfield, CT home which had been the home to a cigarette smoker for many years. The walls were stained yellow with residue.  This photo shows the wall before and after cleaning and we think that the results are pretty amazing! Along with the visible change, we also used odor eliminators to remove the cigarette smoke smell from the home as well. The SERVPRO of Newtown & Southern Litchfield County team left the home looking and smelling fresh and clean!

Puffback causes soot and ash to spread throughout Newtown, CT home

When the furnace had a puff back in this Newtown home, the soot damage was substantial. The clean up included walls, carpeting and personal possessions as well as the duct work. This filter shows the amount of soot that blasted through the house. Since the soot from a puffback is from the oil burner, it is sticky and thick. It cannot be cleaned traditionally (this will cause it to smear rather than lift).  Puffbacks require professionally cleaning and are typically covered under homeowner's insurance. 

Tractor fire in Sandy Hook, CT home causes smoke damage

When a tractor spontaneously caught fire in the garage of this Sandy Hook home, the smoke came up from below and filtration occurred in the carpet fiber in the den of the main level. The smoke had gone through the floors to the level above. Smoke and soot can cause extensive damage even after a small home fire and unless you know how to look for it, it may not be discovered. The SERVPRO of Newtown & Southern Litchfield County team has the experience to know what to look for after house fires to make sure it is cleaned up right.

SERVPRO Bouncy House at the Warren, CT Fall Festival

We were excited to be able to share our new bouncy house with the Litchfield County community at the Warren Fire Department's Fall festival! The weather was beautiful and the kids (big and small) had a lot of fun!

Mold damage in Ridgefield, CT requires full basement cleanout

Prior to remediation on a basement mold job in Ridgefield, CT our team, including crew member Tim, first removed damaged items that could not be salvaged as well as items to be stored. The basement had experienced water damage for quite some time so much of what was stored there could not be saved. Our crew, based out of Brookfield CT,  filled 2 large dumpsters up with contents as well as carpeting and paneling that required removal. Once we had the basement empty, we were able to begin the process to reduce mold spores in the air and on the remaining surfaces.

20 Years with SERVPRO!

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Ted and Kristen White's ownership of a SERVPRO franchise! We can't believe we've reached such a milestone and are excited to see what the next 20 years brings!

SERVPRO at Village Fair Days

We recently attended the biggest event of the year in New Milford - Village Fair Days, which is held on the green. In this photo is owner Kristen White and her 2 daughters, who were so great to lend a hand with setting up!

Good morning!

Each morning starts bright and early with our production crew loading up the van with necessary equipment needed to go out on the road and receiving their work assignments from the office staff.

You can't miss us!

Von and the crew are on their way out to a black mold job in this photo. You can't miss the iconic SERVPRO green trucks and vans out on the road! Give us a wave when you see us!

Our New Production Facility

When the bay next to our old location, which had significantly more square footage, became available we jumped at the chance to make the move. It will allow us to store household items for our customers, saving them from excessive storage fees.

What's inside a SERVPRO van?

Ever wonder what's inside of the big green van you see on the road? Here's a peek inside! We have all of the equipment needed to make it "Like it never even happened" in Newtown and Southern Litchfield County.

Our fleet

We have a full crew, several vehicles and a warehouse full of equipment waiting to come and clean up your water damage if you have frozen pipes in Newtown and Southern Litchfield County.

New Vehicle Purchase

Ted White, owner, recently traveled to SERVPRO Corporate in Gallatin TN to purchase a new 2015 Dodge Ram to add to our existing fleet of vehicles.  Pictured here is Ted with Michael Grigsby, Vehicle Sales.

We clean HVAC ducts of pollutants, dirt and mold in Brookfield

SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County  just finished up a duct cleaning job at a local school. Ventilation systems are often the biggest culprit in poor indoor air quality. With the hours you spend at work and in your home, the air that you breathe is essential to your health! Make it a priority to schedule an inspection of the duct work in your Newtown area business on annual basis. While some systems remain clean and do not require regular cleaning, others tend to collect pollutants such as pollen, dust and debris and redistribute them throughout the home. We will also check to make sure that your ventilation system is free of visible mold. 

Leaky Kitchen Pipe Causes Mold to Grow in Ridgefield, CT

When a dishwasher pipe cracked in this Ridgefield, CT home, the plumber called to the job discovered a significant amount of mold behind the dishwasher. This is a common scenario when hidden mold is found behind kitchen appliances and cabinetry.  A pipe can leak for years without detection and the water and dark conditions are the perfect place for mold to grow.  Our team used air scrubbers and vents to mitigate the mold in the home.

Broken Pipe Causes Water Damage in Newtown, CT

A broken pipe caused water damage in this Newtown home. The water came through the ceiling and flooded the carpeting as well. Much of the flooring and ceiling in the home required removal by our team. We used water extraction machines to remove the standing water. SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County has the machinery, technology and training to clean up residential and commercial water damage in Fairfield County, CT.

Floor mat system for restoring water damaged flooring

One way that we can restore flooring and eliminate the need for replacing it is through the use of the floor mat system. This system utilizes a strong suction by use of mats, which are attached to a vacuum with hoses, allowing the vacuum to draw out moisture from underneath the floor. The water  becomes vapor and is released into the air. Finally, its time for the dehumidifier, which draws the vapor out of the air, turns it into water and drains it out of the room.

Storm Preparedness Kit

Here is a list of what was inside our free raffle for a storm prep bucket. A little preparedness can go a long way. We encourage homeowners to make their own kit! Hurricane and winter storm season will quickly be upon us here in Litchfield County, CT.

We take it all away, too!

Part of our job that often goes unnoticed is the removal of all of the damaged material from a home. This house in New Fairfield, CT had water damage from an overflowing system. After removing sheetrock and carpeting, our crew had a full van when they left!

Commercial water damage restoration in Danbury, CT

Did you know that the crew of SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County is trained and equipped to do commercial remediation? In this job, we responded to a water damage that occurred when a water pipe was damaged during construction of a Danbury retail store. We came in and dried up all of that new carpet using extraction, fans and dehumidifiers. We did our work while construction continues and the store was able to have it's grand opening on schedule. Call us at (203) 743-5362 for your commercial clean up.

Water damage from Brookfield, CT water heater burst

Sometimes, we have to work in small spaces! When the water heater burst in this Brookfield, CT home, we had to pull up the bathroom floor, leaving little room for our air dryers. There are a variety of reasons why flooding happens in homes however as a rule of thumb, the first action that we advise homeowners they take is to have the source (whether that be a water heater, burst pipe, appliance supply line) repaired by a professional. That leaves the plumbing disaster clean up to our Brookfield, CT based team.

Industrial Kitchen Cleaning after water damage in Brookfield, CT

After we completed remediation for a water leak in this Brookfield, CT school kitchen, we did a top to bottom cleaning of the kitchen to make it sparkling and  "Like it never even happened". We professionally cleaned the refrigerator, freezer, sinks, walls, flooring and ceilings. If you have a commercial kitchen at your Newtown area restaurant or school that needs a deep cleaning, give our office a call at (203) 791-0920.

Danbury, CT commercial water damage from pipe burst

Freezing temperatures caused a pipe to burst at a Danbury dry cleaning establishment, causing the ceiling tiles to cave in. The result was a soggy mess with damage to the ceilings as well as the carpeting. The SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County crew was able toe xtract the water, remove the damaged materials and clean up the mess all in one day. This allowed the establishment to get back to business quickly, saving them money. 

Commercial water damage restoration in Bethel, CT

When a water heater leaked in this Fairfield County apartment building, several apartments as well as the common areas were affected. Our crew used water extractors, air moving fans and commercial grade dehumidifiers to eradicate the water. SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County is ready to handle your water damage job- big or small!

Water damage causes mold in New Fairfield, CT kitchen

Sometimes, a homeowner isn't aware of a minor water drip that may be occurring behind the kitchen cabinets until they decide to renovate. When the cabinets are removed, the water damage becomes apparent. In this New Fairfield home, a slow leak from a kitchen pipe caused water damage to the walls and flooring. In addition, the wet, dark and damp conditions allowed mold to grow. The SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County team removed the walls and flooring, dried out the remaining structure of any remaining moisture. We then used our proprietary antibacterial and antimicrobial agents as well as air filtration system to address the mold spores.

Storm Damage causes hole in roof to home in Brookfield, CT

A tree fell on this Brookfield, CT home during a storm, damaging the roof. SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield came out to the job and applied plywood as well as a water repellent tarp to the roof prior to remediation. When you first call our office in Brookfield, CT, our staff will ask you quite a few questions in order to best assess your water damage situation. They pass this information to our water restoration team to ensure that they bring the proper supplies, equipment and materials to your home when responding to your emergency call. 

Restoring Commercial Water and Mold Damage in Brookfield, CT

When a hair salon owner noticed an odd smell in the salon, she called SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County to inspect it.  Our crew used a moisture sensing tool to locate any water that might be causing the musty smell. We discovered water and mold damage behind the walls from a pipe leak. The water also affected an adjacent business in the shopping center that shared the affected wall. If you have a business in the Brookfield, CT area and notice a musty smell, don't ignore it. If water damage is discovered  in it's early stages, we can restore your commercial space without major interruption to your business flow.

Commercial Office Water Damage New Fairfield, CT

When the staff of this business came in one morning, they discovered a flood that had been caused by a pipe burst. SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County was able to respond quickly and stop the damage from escalating.  Our crew arrived on site on the same day that we received the call and used dehumidifiers, industrial fans and water extractors to dry out the office and allow the company to continue doing it's business. 

The tools we use: HYDROSENSOR

One of the tools that we use is called a hydrosensor, aka moisture probe. When the probe tips on the HydroSensor are pushed into materials to penetrate the surface, an electric current is sent between the probes. The amount of moisture present in the material determines how easily the electrical current flows from one probe to the other. 

Water Damage from a burst pipe in Southbury, CT vacant home

This Fairfield County home was vacant when a pipe burst and water ran through it for several days. Needless to say, it was significantly damaged when the flooding was discovered and our crews were called in.  The entire structure of the home was affected and the floors had even buckled up.  The SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County crew removed the flooring, subfloor, moldings and walls throughout the house. We then removed the moisture from joists and studs and any other remaining structural components that had gotten wet. 

The tools we use: Moisture Meter

You will see our crew using the moisture meter often on jobs when there is water damage. It is used to detect or monitor moisture in wood, plaster, dry wall block, brick, roofing, and most materials found in the building envelope.

All packed up

 When there is damage to a home, the personal items often require boxing and storage off premises while remediation is being done. Our crew packaged up the items of this this home that suffered water damage. 

Home Fire causes structural damage in Washington Depot, CT

This home in Washington Depot, CT suffered extensive damage from a fire. SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County has the specialized training to quickly restore your home after such an event. 

Sherman, CT home fire

An appliance malfunction in this Sherman home started a fire that spread quiickly throughout the home. Experiencing a loss like this can be devastating to homeowners. We always treat your family with the greatest empathy and respect, and we’ll treat your property with great care.

Protecting ourselves

The safety of our crew is a priority for us. In some cases of biohazard or mold clean ups, it is necessary to gear up for protection - including respirators and boots.

Basement black mold in Kent, CT

Humid, moist conditions in a basement can create the prime condition for black mold growth. Ceilings and sheetrock walls are often affected, as in the case of this home in Kent, CT. 

We work with your insurance company

Did you know that our office will handle communications with your insurance company for you so that you don't have to deal with that aspect during an already stressful event such as a pipe burst or fire in your Bethel, CT home? 

Burst Pipe in Bethel, CT

When the temperatures drop in the winter, those pipes will freeze! The number one call to SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County in the winter is frozen pipes that have burst in unoccupied homes. With 20+ years in the business, we are experts at handling these jobs!

Sandy Hook tree falls through window

During a recent storm, a tree collapsed straight through the window of a sun room in this Sandy Hook home.The SERVPRO of Newtown & Southern Litchfield team was there to clean up all of the shattered glass. 

Sewage flood Newtown, CT basement

A family had just moved into this Newtown home when there was a sewage overflow in the basement. Many of their belongings were stacked in the basement. Luckily, much of it was in plastic tubs and salvageable. 

Kitchen Fire in Danbury CT

This Danbury home had a kitchen fire that caused damage to the ceiling and walls around the range. The SERVPRO team was able to clean up quickly, leaving a very relieved homeowner.

Sewage overflow in Fairfield County, CT

When there was a broken water supply pipe in this Fairfield County building, the water seeped throughout.  Although some possessions were lost due to being in cardboard boxes, we were able to get there quickly  and minimize the damage.

Walking for a cause

The SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County crew and office staff came out to support the 2015 Safe Walk to benefit the Women's Center of Danbury CT at the Danbury Fair Mall.

Flooded basement in Roxbury, CT

When a rainstorm flooded this basement in Roxbury, CT, the homeowner gave SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County a call to come clean it all up. With our specialized equipment and experienced team, we had it done quickly!

FIre Prevention Day

Here's the SERVPRO crew and office staff Tim, Jessica and Brendan at the fire prevention day at Home Depot in New Milford, CT. October is fire prevention month - it's a good time to check your smoke detectors.